How to Browse Blocked websites with a Proxy Server

When you are doing work on your computer at school, offices, and colleges people frequently locate that a lot of websites cannot be accessed at work and these websites cannot be accessed again and again. On the other hand luckily there actually are a few things we can do to gain browse to websites more time even if they have been blocked through our workplace. For instant you want to access YouTube, in this way you have to need YouTube Proxy Server.

YouTube proxy

A proxy is a website or server where user trying to access their block sites, which you can also access any block site without any trouble and wastage of time. At that time a lot of websites are blocked due to some reasons and millions of people visit to these sites every day, such as YouTube, Myspace, Twiitter, Face Book and also many others. But people are using these sites after blocking because they using proxy server for these sites.

The major question is that how to access blocked websites with proxy server; it’s very simple, that however you are does not and cannot block the whole internet. Instead they block exact websites URL; you cannot access this website with this URL. So you are browsing a proxy server which then forwards your connection to your favorite website allowing you to browse the blocked website still from everywhere.


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